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Caesars Rewards: Hotels (Global)

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Caesars Rewards is the world's most geographically diversified casino-entertainment company. As the world’s largest gaming company Caesars also has one of the world’s best hotel-casino affiliate programs.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

1 Days


Commission is only paid on consumed stays for properties listed on the Overview tab.

Please see tabs for additional details.


1) CAESARS ENTERTAINMENT presence in Toolbars is NOT PERMITTED. A Toolbar is defined as a free or paid widget that a consumer installs on their computer and lives on their desktop and/or within the browser of their choice.

2) If your site(s) does utilize a toolbar, it is required that you disclose this immediately to CHATEAU 20.

3) Affiliates must opt out all CAESARS ENTERTAINMENT properties of any toolbar functionality. This includes any variations or combinations of a toolbar's components, including, but not limited to: automatic redirect, search mechanism that allows consumers to search directly from the toolbar, deal alerts inside the toolbar. If opt out of any or all features is not possible, this must be disclosed immediately to CHATEAU 20.

4) Commissions will not be paid on sales resulting from a toolbar action. This will be determined by the following: (a) Any qualified stay that results from NO referring URL and the sale cannot be tracked back to a page on the Affiliate website(s) or eblast (b) Any qualified stay that results from a referring URL showing a CAESARS ENTERTAINMENT domain (c) Any qualified stay that results from a referring URL with the word "toolbar" included.

Updated: April 2014


1) Caesars Entertainment reserves the right to change and/or make changes to this policy at anytime, including revoking the right of any MEDIA PARTNER to use to SEM as a means of driving affiliate traffic.

2) Trademark or Brand-related- Bidding is NOT PERMITTED and “Media partners” are NEVER allowed to outrank or outbid Caesars Entertainment on any keywords.

3) Media partner may never use any domain names that are owned by Caesars Entertainment, LLC. (Including, but not limited to the following:,,,,,,,,, or any variation (including all lower or uppercase variations, misspellings, etc.) for any DISPLAY URL listings used in paid search campaigns. Nor may they CLOAK or MASK these URL’s in paid search campaigns.

4) Media partners who’ve obtained written authorization to use a “PRE-APPROVED” Caesars Entertainment-owned URL may use this URL as their destination or display URL as long as it is used with pre-approved ad copy and landing pages.

5) Media partner may also direct link to any pages on the Caesars Entertainment owned domain in any paid search listings where permitted as long as they adhere to all other guidelines.

6) Media partners may use the name of the “Hotel Property” in their ad copy as long as it is not associated with the following words or phrases: lowest rates, discount, discounted rates, cheap, % or $ amount off.

7) Media partners must not use the word “official” in connection with the Caesars Entertainment owned property’s name in domain names, search ads, or on landing pages.

8) Confidentiality: This document including its contents and/or any attachments is deemed confidential. The Media Partner may not disclose, disseminate, distribute, or forward this document and/or any related attachments or future related materials or work product to any other parties.

9) Violation of Search Policy: Caesars Entertainment will not pay commissions on any transactions that it believes to be generated by a violation of its search policies.