Caesars Rewards: Hotels (Global)

Caesars Rewards: Hotels (Global)

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Caesars Rewards is the world's most geographically diversified casino-entertainment company. As the world’s largest gaming company Caesars also has one of the world’s best hotel-casino affiliate programs.


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1) USE OF LOGO ASSETS. Media Partners may use the Caesars Entertainment Logo banners and assets that are available within the AWIN system on their website. Media Partners may not use the Caesars Entertainment Logo or any other Caesars Entertainment trademark on stationery, business cards, uniforms, promotional/premium items, or press releases.

2) PERMITTED FORMS OF ADVERTISING. In general, Media Partners are permitted to advertise Caesars Entertainment products and services only via a web-site or in other Internet advertising. All other forms of advertising (including without limitation, television, radio, and print) are strictly prohibited unless expressly authorized by Caesars Entertainment in writing.

3) CREATION OF CAESAR'S ENTERTAINMENT COLLATERAL. Caesars Entertainment will provide Media Partners with ready-to-use advertising collateral that can be posted on a website or distributed as Internet banner advertising. Such collateral may contain offer expiration dates which must be strictly adhered to. It is the Media Partner's responsibility to ensure that offers are not promoted past any applicable expiration date.

Updated: October 27, 2014