Guoman Hotels is an exclusive collection of deluxe London Hotels providing unparalled levels of comfort and service to its guests in the heart of London.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Online Booking: A customer must place an online order on the Guoman Hotels website in order for the affiliate to be elligible to receive a commission.

4% commission 
30 day referral period (cookie period)

Search Campaign

Protected SEM Bidding Keywords

Unless specifically agreed in writing with Guoman Hotels or Found, affiliates must not:

  1. purchase, license or operate any domain name which is the same as, similar to, or derivative “”;
  2. bid on the ‘’ brand terms, or any of their misspellings (this applies to Guoman trademarks and misspellings in all languages/Guoman trademarks and misspellings translated to any language), on any of the search engines that currently operate web services; a non-exhaustive list of possible derivatives of the brand term are: Guoman Www. Guoman com www Guoman com www Guoman www.Guoman Guoman dot com Guomandotcom Guoman .com uk Guoman.c Gouman Guoman co Guomancouk Guoman uk
  3. use the brand terms to perform paid search activity across any search engines that operates web services and to that effect, Affiliates must add the ‘’ brand terms and misspellings as stated above as above as negative matches to their PPC campaigns. A negative match needs to be setup on both exact and broad match terms.
  4. use the brand term “” or its derivatives in the Affiliate's ad text for driving traffic from Guoman Hotels’ competitors' brand terms to Guoman Hotels’s site nor the affiliate's sites.
  5. drive paid or unpaid traffic from search engines directly to Guoman Hotels pages or the site overall. The affiliate has to use their own sites for traffic from search engines. For the avoidance of doubt, the above restrictions or the specific terms of agreement regarding authorised PPC activity shall supersede any conflicting provision that may be found in any section of this Agreement. These rules are effective immediately (9th April 2013) and should the Affiliate not comply they will be banned from the Guoman Hotels affiliate programme with immediate effect and have their commissions declined or frozen without appeal.

Prohibited SEM Display URL Content

Any affiliates that promote Guoman Hotels via display are responsible for their activity, regardless of whether they own the websites on which they are promoting Guoman Hotels. Guoman Hotels reserve the rights to withhold commissions if the affiliate breaches Guoman Hotels terms and conditions.

Direct linking (Use of Display URL)



Prohibited Web Site Domain Keywords

Purchase of Domains; Affiliates are not permitted to register domain names that include variations of Guoman Hotels own URL unless agreed directly with Guoman Hotels or LBi

Prohibited Web Site Content

Creative: Affiliates should only use creative supplied directly from the Affiliate WIndow interface, or from a member of the Foundteam.

Additional Promotional Methods

Social Media

Allowed - Affiliates are not permitted to advertise their own websites by posting on Guoman Hotels official Facebook wall: Affiliates are not permitted to pose as Guoman Hotels on any social media platform. Affiliates are permitted to advertise Guoman Hotels on their own branded social pages. If you have any questions or queries please contact your Affiliate Window account manager.



Coupons and Promotional Codes

Publishers may only use coupons and promotional codes that are provided exclusively through the affiliate program. The use of voucher/coupon codes which have been found elsewhere online, social marketing, forums, or from Guoman’s alternate marketing channels may result in commissions being declined. Publishers utilize unauthorized codes at their own risk, and Guoman Hotels may decline commissions where unauthorized codes are used should this be necessary. Authorized codes will be issued periodically alongside sale promotions via the Guoman Hotels newsletter, or to discuss specific voucher code promotions, please contact