The Clermont hotels offer exceptional hospitality and service, delivered with a warm and distinctly human touch. For a stay that is always on our guest's terms. With central London locations The Clermont is the perfect basecamp from which to explore.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Voucher Code Guidelines

Any affiliates promoting any of the Clermont Hotel Group brands (The Clermont Hotels, Guoman Hotels, Thistle Hotels and Hard Rock Hotel London) should adhere to the IAB Code of Conduct in the use of voucher codes. 

Affiliates are requested to only publisher voucher code that is issued directly to the channel through Clermont Hotel Group or Affiliate Window. We cannot guarantee that commissions will be paid on codes that have not been authorised for the affiliate channel.

PPC Guidelines

Affiliates are advised that a PPC agency is employed for the purpose of promoting Clermont Hotel Group brands and that further PPC activity from affiliates is not something Clermont Hotel Group are pursuing at the present time. Therefore, please ensure that you are not promoting Clermont Hotel Group brands via PPC activity. This includes any brand+generic and brand+discount voucher activity - and should be aware that PPC activity is monitored by Clermont Hotel Group. Any affiliate found in contravention of this is likely to be removed from the programme without warning and have pending commissions rejected. 

URL Guidelines

Please take care not to purchase a domain name that includes any of the Clermont Hotel Group brands, or any misspells thereof, within it.

Affiliates must specify the programme is applicable on to Hard Rock Hotel London.

Here are some examples below of what is and is not accepted on the affiliate programme:

Not accepted:


Content Guidelines

Affiliates should be informed that we are keen to work with as many interested partners as possible in order to grow our affiliate programmes online - but that there are some content subjects that are likely to cause their website to be rejected from the programme. Content that is likely to be rejected includes the below - but it should be noted that this list is not exhaustive:

* Violent or graphic imagery
* Content and imagery of an overt sexual nature
* Highly political or biased material
* Content that includes the use of foul language

Without prejudice, Clermont Hotel Group will seek to partner with websites with strong and well laid-out content - and some partners may be rejected if it is felt that the website is not well assembled and a good user experience to potential Clermont Hotel Group customers.

If you have any queries regarding any of the terms above, please contact us directly. You can reach us at