QuoteSearcher is an easy to use specialist insurance site where people can receive competitive quotes on products such as taxi, motor trade, caravan and landlord insurance from our specialist brokers who are based throughout the UK.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

90 Days

Please read all our terms before joining the programme.


Specifically, we not do allow any form of Brand Bidding - This includes "Brand + Generics". Please specifically add "Quote Searcher",  and "Quotesearcher" as negative match keywords if you are doing PPC bidding.

We do permit PPC affiliates, but affiliates must direct traffic to their own websites - you may not use the domain in your destination URL's.

All transactions are subject to validation - leads submitted without correct & valid contact details will be declined. We also duplicate against some channels as outlined in the de-duplication section.

We can only accept leads from the UK

Affiliates are not allowed to create their own banners or promotional material unless they are approved and given written permission from QuoteSearcher.

Any links back to QuoteSearcher must be marked as "no follow." Any affiliates found to be ignoring this will be immediately removed from the programme without hesitation.