QuoteSearcher is an easy to use specialist insurance site where people can receive competitive quotes on products such as taxi, motor trade, caravan and landlord insurance from our specialist brokers who are based throughout the UK.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

90 Days

QuoteSearcher are authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority and it is therefore a requirement that any content/promotional activity be fair, clear and not misleading.

This includes content on all promotions whether that be websites, social media, or other online marketing methods.

QuoteSearcher asks all affiliates to follow the guidelines below in respect of content on their website to comply with the guidelines issued by The Financial Conduct Authority and so they can use QuoteSearcher material as a form of advertising on their websites.


  • When talking about price an affiliate must ensure words such as cheapest, best, greatest, and similar wording are not used as these can be deemed as misleading. There are no guarantees a consumer will receive the cheapest price when using our platform so if this were suggested then this would potentially be misleading, words such as competitive, compare would be more suitable.


  • An affiliate must avoid using terms around owning the quote system for example “our system” and “our panel” The system is owned and operated by QuoteSearcher and this must be made clear to the consumer. Preferred terminology would be “the system” and “the panel”.


  • An affiliate must not make any untrue claims, statement of facts, promises and even predictions that cannot be substantiated and proven if asked, here is an example.


“70% of customers using QuoteSearcher managed to source a cheaper insurance quote”.

This is a claim by the affiliate that cannot be validated if asked by a consumer or regulatory bodies so therefore must not be used as can be deemed as not treating the consumer in the correct manner.


  • Any statements by outside sources must be held honestly and be displayed with the consent of the person provided.


  • An affiliate must make it clear to the consumer at the point of communication (in most cases when a consumer clicks onto the landing page) who they are and the firm they are representing in this instance QuoteSearcher. For example, we would expect content such as below to appear to be easily visible to a consumer. works in partnership with QuoteSearcher to provide quotes for landlord insurance. Once your details are submitted their broker partners will call you back with quotes and from there you will receive a number of quotes to consider.”


  • In no instances will a consumer be provided with quotations online so it cannot be suggested this will be the case. QuoteSearcher is NOT an aggregator where quotes are displayed online upon form submission so therefore this cannot be indicated. Consumers will receive phone calls off their back of the form submission from a carefully selected panel of brokers who have been matched specifically to their requirements.


  • All affiliates must have a section on the website which allows consumers to contact them directly if they feel the need to, this can be via an easily accessible email address or contact form.


  • All affiliates must include a privacy policy and terms on their website that are fully compliant including all up to date GDPR regulations and follow all the necessary guidelines always ensuring the consumer is treated fairly and is under no illusions what using their website means. We would expect the privacy policy to mention the relationship with QuoteSearcher as well with wording such as below:  (product) insurance comparison service is provided by QuoteSearcher Limited who are authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority, their registration number is 504796 and their permitted business is insurance mediation. This can be checked by clicking here


By using the QuoteSearcher service you are agreeing to their privacy policy and terms which can be checked by clicking here


QuoteSearcher Limited company registration number is 05387593 and their registered office address is 8 Waldegrave Road, Teddington, Middlesex, TW11 8GT



  • If using their own imagery all affiliates must have an audit trail to prove permission has been granted for use of the images on their website


  • Within the footer or insurance home page of all websites there must also be a paragraph confirming the relationship between QuoteSearcher and the affiliate website in question. Please use the statement below on all websites used to promote QuoteSearcher.


“ works in partnership with QuoteSearcher Limited to provide its insurance comparison service. QuoteSearcher Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, their registration number is 504796 and their permitted business is insurance mediation. This can be checked by clicking here


If you have any questions regarding the guidelines above, then please do not hesitate to email our team and they would be more than happy to assist.