First4Lawyers are the UK’s largest multi-award-winning legal marketing collective. We specialise in Personal Injury and Medical Negligence cases and work with some of the UK's top legal firms to ensure a high quality service to our clients.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

14 Days


The following should be used as a guide for all communications. It is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to grammar but to ensure some consistency throughout First4Lawyers’ communications. 



The First4Lawyers name should always be written out in full and appear with a capital F and upper case L.

Do not use F4L in any communications.

Where possible, hyperlink the first mention of First4Lawyers to


Other descriptors

When describing First4Lawyers you should refer to us as a genuine marketing collective or marketing collective rather than claims management company 

First4Lawyers can also be described as: ‘the business’ or ‘the company’ but only after the first full mention of First4Lawyers.


Font size and typeface

Font size should be appropriate to the website it is being used on.

Typeface's are:

  • Titles - Avenir LT Pro 95 Black
  • General - Avenir LT Pro 65 Medium

Spell out abbreviations or acronyms on first mention, no matter how well-known, followed by the abbreviation or acronym in brackets. For example, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). Thereafter, use the abbreviation or acronym.



Write in the present tense rather than past. For example, First4Lawyers is launching rather than First4Lawyers has launched and Chris Rodgers says rather than Chris Rodgers said.

Use British English rather than American English.