Since 2001, ghd have revolutionised the way women style their hair, with the launch of professional tools designed for salon use that could also be easily used at home. ghd continues to be a leader and innovator in hair styling today.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Bidding on generic product related terms is allowed.
• Affiliates are asked to include brand and misspelling terms as negative keywords in all their search engine marketing campaigns.
• Affiliates may not use any domain owned by ghd for PPC linking without express written permission. This includes but is not limited to
• Affiliates are asked not to register domains which are similar or misspellings the ghd brand.
• Affiliates are asked not to register URLs with ghd brand term contained in their domain or subdomain. Brand terms may be contained within the subfolder, e.g.
* - Not allowed
* - Allowed
• Affiliates may not put the ghd website into frames or use masked URLs

In order to be a member of the ghd affiliate programme, publishers will be assessed on the brand demographic fit, relevance and suitability. 
All Affiliates must display the correct logo and use the banner creative that is provided via Impact Radius. ghd constantly updates and provides a range of animated gifs and flash banners for affiliates to use on their websites. ghd require sign off on branded promotions that are not currently accessible by Impact Radius. 
If your site contains, or includes, any of the following, you will not be eligible to become or remain a member of the ghd affiliate programme
* Hate/offensive/violent content
* Lewd/pornographic content
* Extreme religious or political content
* Abusive or irresponsible promotion of Alcohol, Tobacco or Drugs
* Use of the word "sex" gratuitously or excessively

Anyone found infringing on these terms will be contacted by the ghd Affiliate Team. Please note anyone found contravening the T&C’s may have their commissions declined and face suspension from the programme. In extreme circumstances ghd reserve the right to immediately suspend any affiliates found contravening these terms and conditions, declining any commissions accrued from the activity

Affiliates are not allowed to publish any coupons/voucher codes on their site(s) that have not been verified by the ghd Affiliate Team. All vouchers must correctly list the accurate % or € saving. Affiliates are not allowed to promote a voucher should this be an "exclusive" discount to another affiliate. ghd DO NOT allow cashback offers to be used in conjunction with voucher codes. All cashback will be declined if a voucher code promotion outside of onsite promotions is used.
ghd reserve the right to amend or remove a live voucher code at any given time during the promotion.
ghd reserve the right to decline commissions should a partner promote a code which has not been listed via Impact Radius or signed off by a member of the ghd affiliate team.

ghd reserve the right to decline commissions on the following basis:  
*the order is cancelled          
*Item was returned          
*Customer failed credit check         
*Breach of programme T&C's         
*Duplicate order          
*Item was out of stock          
*OTHER (fraud) 

Affiliates must respect the intellectual property rights of ghd. These rights include trademarks, copyright and related rights, trade names and domain names, rights to goodwill or to use in passing off and rights in confidential information.
If an affiliate infringes these rights, they may be removed, forfeiting any commission’s earnt