REGEN™ gaming eyewear. Earn 8% flat rate across all customer types and products in the range with increases in commission over key trading periods. A shopify discount code will also be created for your audience on your 'top picks' (up to 3 products).


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


REGEN Optics Affiliate Programme

Who we are

REGEN™ is the revolution of gaming eyewear. Created by the team at Inspecs, who have over 40 years experience in producing eyewear for many of the UKs biggest brands and opticians, each REGEN™ product feature has been designed with the gamer in mind. 

Each frame is crafted with TR90 bio- based, high performance materials and flexi carbon fibre temples, making them ultra lightweight with additional design features such as glow in the dark REGEN™ logos. 

The IGNIS and OC+ styles demonstrate a never seen before, switch plate system which enables users to switch between the headset compatible, ‘claw’ frame and an everyday, straight arm style.

The blue block lenses offer the highest level of protection on the market, blocking 40% of all blue light, with most competitor lenses blocking around 5-25%.

Another first to market for REGEN™ is the colour enhancing lens, which brings you screen to life, increasing the vibrancy and contrast of colour, with the first iteration of the lens working best with reds, browns and oranges, making them the perfect companion for Red Dead redemption, call of duty and others.

Joining the programme 

By signing up to the programme, you will be eligible for commission on any sales that are made via your link. The commission rate starts at 8% and will increase during the year for key dates. 

As well as commission, there is the opportunity to trial new products, collaborate on exclusive launches, attend events and much more. 

We will be expanding the REGEN™ brand across the globe (starting with the UK) and across many more sales channels, meaning that there are plenty of opportunities to earn with the programme.

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