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United Kingdom


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30 Days

FoodSpring UK Affiliate Programme

Foodspring | Finest Fitness Food

It all began with the founding of egg in 2013. Our goal was to bring fitness food to the next level. Our protein powder caused a great uproar in the industry with its organic certification. By using milk from pasture-raized cows we shook things up and made fitness enthusiasts think about what they consume.
It was time to take a step further and egg became foodspring in 2015. The revolutionary quality has been refined. 
Our growth and success speak for themselves as we lead the European market: We produce exclusively in Germany, are certified by ISO and produce according to the HACCP standard. The milk used in our products only comes from pasture-raized cows and our soy-based products are made without genetic engineering, while also being free of phytoestrogens. We highly value the premium quality of our production processes.


About our affiliate programme: 

  • Weekly transactions check
  • Attribution duration: 30 days
  • Internal support for our affiliates
  • High conversion rate
  • High AOV of £55/65€
  • Very low cancellation rate (< 1%)
  • Periodic payment of provisions
  • Inhouse affiliate team and direct dialogue
  • Monthly successful product launches

We offer an attractive provisional model

  • Content Websites - 12% on new customers - 6% old costumers
  • Coupon and Cashback - 6% on new customers - 3% old customers

Information for our voucher partners:
Our partners may only promote vouchers if we send them directly. 
Every sale grounded in our foodspring newsletter voucher or other vouchers of competitor websites will be denied.

Foodspring | Finest Fitness Food - The most revolutionary foods of our time