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30 Days

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Generally we don't allow paid searches through search engines. But we are always open for individual agreements.

Regulations for brand usage

  • Participating affiliate-partner must assure, that used websites do no contain deceptive advertising or violate applicable law.
  • Participating affiliate-partner must provide a valid and up to date imprint on their websites.
  • The content of all texts and all pages operated by are subject to copyright and trademark protection. Affiliates may not directly or indiretly bet on the brand "", "foodspring" or on similar or derived words.
  • It is not allowed to establish a portal created by using foodspring related search terms.
  • The use of masked or encoded URLs is not allowed. 
  • A navigation through a back button in the search enginge must be assured. Cancelled orders will not be handled as legally valid. 
  • Special offers and promotion codes

Affiliates may only use such codes, to which promotion they are authorised.