Summary offers consumer tax preparation and electronic filling. We include all the features that the biggest names provide but at half the cost to consumers. Our commission starts at 40% plus affiliates earn $1.40 commission on all free tax fillings.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

120 Days

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Affiliates who work with us quickly find out that we offer one of the most flexible and lucrative tax offers available.

About is an online tax software provider, offering consumer tax preparation and e-filing. offers all the features that the biggest names provide but at up to half the cost to consumers. Affiliates get paid on all federal tax filings, state tax filings and tax extensions. We offer free federal tax filling to consumers who qualify (affiliates still earn) making for a great promotional opportunity.

Program Benefits:

40% Commission - We pay affiliates twice as much commission as other tax software. Affiliates earn commission on both purchases and free signups. Our commission starts at 40% (that is double what many of our competitors pay) and payouts can be increased for top performers. Affiliates also receive $1.40 flat commission on all free filings.

120 Day Cookie - We provide a 120 day cookie to make sure affiliates get paid regardless if the visitor files immediately or waits till the end of the tax filing season.

Other Program Features:

Trademark Plus Bidding - is ONLY allowed with prior approval from the merchant. Trademark plus is defined as trademark {something} or {something} trademark. E.g. no bidding on "", however, once approval is received affiliates may bid on " coupons" or something similar. Please add as a negative exact match term when bidding.

Co-branded Landing Pages - Have a high traffic coupon or loyalty website? We can provide you with custom coupon codes and landing pages that include your brand name and logo. Are you a lead generation expert? We can also work with you to provide custom landing pages, implement your conversion tracking, and even let you use one of our premium domain names to help market


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