Summary offers consumer tax preparation and electronic filling. We include all the features that the biggest names provide but at half the cost to consumers. Our commission starts at 40% plus affiliates earn $1.40 commission on all free tax fillings.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

120 Days


Affiliates earn commission on both purchases and free signups. Our commission starts at 40% and payouts can be increased for top performers. Affiliates also receive $1.40 flat commission on all free filings. We provide a 120 day cookie to make sure affiliates get paid regardless if the visitor files immediately or waits until the end of the tax filing season.

Please review the following terms prior to promoting:

U.S. traffic only
No coupon or discount code other than those made available inside the affiliate program may be used in any marketing.
While toolbar and contextual traffic is permitted, affiliates must ensure they DO NOT target the websites or with any advertisement. This traffic must be disabled or blocked during the entire length of the time a customer spends on or
Direct linking is not allowed in search campaigns. Trademark Plus bidding is ONLY allowed with prior approval. No bidding on,, e-file com,, irsextension com or These keyword phrases should be added as negative matches to your campaigns. Take precautions not to out bid us on the exact match keywords e-file, efile, irs e-file, irs efile, free e-file, free efile, e-file taxes or efile taxes.
Affiliates should not use URLs containing e-filecom, e-file-com, e-file_com, wwwe-file, www-e-file, www_e-file, irsextensioncom, irsextension-com, irsextension_com, wwwirsextension, www-irsextension, www_irsextension or e-file as the entire domain (such as,, etc).
Do not make mention of free state filings or free tax extensions in your creatives or on your website. Do not make guarantees or claims that are not supported by the website.
Do not promote via email unless you have received prior permission to do so. If you are interested in sending email, please contact us.

Affiliates may not present themselves as the merchant or impersonate the merchant or its employees in any way.
Affiliates are granted a limited license to use and display the logos and other intellectual property provided within this affiliate program. No logos or trademarks other than what is provided within this program may be used without prior permission.
Any web site or content that is illegal, obscene, pornographic, shows nudity, indecent, offensive to the average reasonable person, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, discriminatory, promotes racism, bigotry or hatred; infringes on any intellectual property right or is otherwise in violation of any copyright or trademark law; in violation of any right of privacy; that promotes harmful, unlawful, seditious, or criminal activity; that could give rise to civil or criminal liability; that contains viruses, worms, Trojan Horse or other harmful files; or that appears to be from someone other than the merchant or that impersonates another person or entity is strictly PROHIBITED from this campaign.