Summary offers consumer tax preparation and electronic filling. We include all the features that the biggest names provide but at half the cost to consumers. Our commission starts at 40% plus affiliates earn $1.40 commission on all free tax fillings.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

120 Days


Policy Definition Yes No Additional Information
What promotional types of publishers are allowed to work on your program?
Coupon Code
E-mailEmail affiliates must use specific links which take visitors to pre-lander website. Mailer must use Optizmo suppression file for scrub. All creatives must be approved by merchant prior to sending.
Behavioural RetargetingAffiliates seeking to retarget visitors should contact merchant for more information prior to beginning campaigns.
Media Brokers
Are there any other restrictions that publishers need to consider? For example promoting adult content or age-restricted products.DO NOT target or with toolbar or contextual ads. Do not mention free state filings or free extensions. Do not promote with content that is illegal, obscene, shows nudity, is offensive, threatening, or promotes bigotry/hatred.