Cook something new and amazing from scratch with SimplyCook. With fabulous flavour pots along with our easy to follow recipes posted through your letterbox.


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30 Days


SimplyCook Affiliate Programme

Earn £3 commission for each trial driven for SimplyCook, with higher commission rates and exclusive discounts available in return for exposure.

What we do...

At SimplyCook we want to get Britain cooking! Despite our nation’s love of food, constant cooking shows on TV and a few too many celebrity chefs, most of us only have 6 meals or less in our repertoire. We want to change that by making cooking a simple and hassle free process without meaning bland and boring!

We want to achieve 3 things:

  • We love flavour – we want your dinners to taste amazing.
  • We want to save you money – our short shopping lists mean you don’t have to spend on 20 ingredients to cook a tasty new recipe and our meals work out between £2 and £6 per person in total.
  • We want you to be in control – you can use our kits when you want, our recipes take around 20mins, and the items you have to add are easily accessible.

SimplyCook boxes contains 4 easy to follow recipes and 4 ingredient kits. Each kit is designed to provide perfect taste containing ingredient blends devised by professional chefs.

Who we are... was first envisaged by its Founder Oli Ashness. While living and working in London, his busy lifestyle left little time to create great food for himself and his friends. Determined to eat a high quality, healthy meal in the evenings, he realised how time consuming and expensive it was to try new recipes & put good food on the table. A few months later he started work on solving this problem. The result was the launch of 

Since then the team has grown as has the number of our happy customers, with over 700,000 recipe kits shipped out every month.

Customer offer...

  • More than 140 easy-to-follow recipes to choose from, conveniently posted through your letterbox.
  • Gluten-free, vegetarian and under-600-calorie options are also available so there is something for everyone.
  • Choose from a weekly or fortnightly subscription and change, pause or cancel anytime!
  • Try your first box for Free (just pay £1 postage)
  • Exclusive discounts available in return for exposure

About the affiliate programme...

  • £3 for each trial driven for SimplyCook (higher rates available in return for exposure)
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