WaterDrop Microdrinks (US)

WaterDrop Microdrinks (US)

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Elevate hydration with microdrinks! Transform water into a refreshing, nutritious experience. Sustainable and exciting, one drop at a time!


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30 Days


WaterDrop Microdrinks (US) Affiliate Program



Waterdrop Microdrinks is the ultimate solution for adding flavor and vitamins to your water in a sustainable way. Our innovative microdrink concept allows you to transform plain water into a refreshing and healthy beverage, encouraging better hydration and a more enjoyable drinking experience. With a focus on sustainability, each microdrink comes in a compact, biodegradable cube, reducing plastic waste and supporting eco-friendly practices. We believe in promoting a healthier lifestyle while caring for the environment, making Waterdrop the perfect choice for conscious consumers.


Join our affiliate program and promote a flavorful and sustainable approach to hydration!

What you'll do: Advocate for Waterdrop, encouraging your audience to elevate their water-drinking habits with our delicious and nutritious microdrink cubes.

Target audience: Health-conscious individuals, fitness enthusiasts, hydration advocates, and those seeking sustainable alternatives.

Commission rate: Enjoy a generous commission of 15% on every successful referral, rewarding you for promoting our microdrink cubes.

Cookie period: 30-day cookie duration

Payment details: Details on commission payments can be found under “Program Terms.”

Location: Must be located in the United States of America


Refreshing Variety: Offer your audience a wide range of enticing flavors to enhance their water and elevate their hydration experience.

Sustainable Hydration: Support a brand that actively reduces plastic waste through biodegradable microdrink cubes.

Health & Wellness: Encourage better hydration habits and improved well-being with our vitamin-rich microdrink cubes.

Eco-Friendly Lifestyle: Promote sustainable choices for everyday living, aligning with the values of environmentally conscious consumers.

Exciting Innovation: Introduce your audience to an innovative and practical way to transform their water, adding a touch of excitement to their daily routine.

Ready to quench your audience's thirst for sustainable hydration and vibrant flavors? Join the Waterdrop Microdrinks Affiliate Program and be part of a refreshing journey towards healthier and greener living. Let's infuse the world with delightful microdrinks, one drop at a time!

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