WaterDrop Microdrinks (US)

WaterDrop Microdrinks (US)

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Elevate hydration with microdrinks! Transform water into a refreshing, nutritious experience. Sustainable and exciting, one drop at a time!


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Waterdrop® Microdrinks LLC Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions

Affiliate Conduct: Affiliates must not employ PPC campaigns on any search engine to promote Waterdrop Microdrinks LLC. Domains should not mislead users into thinking they are associated with Waterdrop, and impersonation of the official website is strictly forbidden.

Marketing Practices: Affiliates may not use intrusive pop-ups, pop-unders, or cookie stuffing techniques. Cashback/reward affiliates will receive credit for real-time tracked bookings/leads. Social media promotions must clearly identify the affiliate.

Coupon Usage: Only approved coupon codes provided by Waterdrop may be advertised. Non-affiliate approved codes will not be considered valid and will be canceled.

Toolbar Policy: Affiliates must not use Waterdrop's brand in toolbars without explicit authorization.

Incentivized Traffic & Email Affiliates: Incentivized traffic is allowed for cashback and loyalty/reward affiliates only. Email affiliates must seek approval before conducting campaigns.

Domain Names: Affiliates cannot use Waterdrop's copyrighted & trademarked terms in domain or sub-domain names.

Advertising & Publicity: Prior approval is required for email campaigns. PPC search activity directly sending traffic to waterdrop.com is not permitted.

Compliance and Fraud: Full disclosure of affiliate links as per IAB Guidelines is mandatory. Fraudulent actions, including cookie stuffing, will lead to immediate termination and voided commissions.

For any queries or proposals, contact us at kathleen.schreiber@waterdrop.com. Your compliance is vital for a successful partnership. Thank you for joining our program!