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30 Days

Music Magpie Affiliate Programme

musicMagpie – The Smart way to Buy and Sell Tech, Entertainment and Books

Welcome to the musicMagpie Affiliate Programme, a place where you can earn unlimited commission for whatever action a customer completes when you send them to our site.

We offer two services:

Trade-in – we buy used goods directly from customers, no need for auctions or fees. Simply add the details and we’ll offer you a price. If you’re happy, complete your order, put your items in a box and send them to us FOC. We’ll pay you the day we receive your items via Bank Transfer or Cash, or we’ll donate to charity

Store – All items we buy are professionally refurbished and then sold on our own musicMagpie online Store. All come with free delivery and all tech gets a 12-month warranty too! 

We buy and sell the following items:

  • Tech – Phones, Tablets, eReaders, Wearables, Consoles, MacBooks and Laptops
  • Media – Games, DVD’s & CD’s
  • Books – A huge range of Fiction and Non-Fiction books
  • Lego – yes, we buy Lego!

You can earn commission on all categories, here’s our rates:

  • Tech item Trade-in 2%
  • Media item Trade-in 7%
  • Book item Trade-in 3%
  • Lego Trade-in 3%
  • Store Purchase (all categories) 3%

We also run regular promotions for both Store and Trade-in, so you’re never short of something to shout about musicMagpie!

We have a 30-day cookie window and validate once per month.

Due to the fact that customers can take a while to send their goods into us, we run Trade-in validations over 3 consecutive months. For example, if a customer places a trade-in order with us in Sept, we will try and validate first in October, if it’s not received it will remain pending and we will try again in November, and if it’s still not received, we will try again in December – giving you maximum opportunity to earn commission from a Trade-in customer.  

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