Daylong - The UK's Leading Compression Support Hosiery Store is Offering 10% of final basket value less postage and VAT for conversions on all of its available products. We specialize in Support Stockings, Tights and Socks.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Day Long Affiliate Programme


The UK's Leading Compression Support Hosiery Store sells Graduated Compression Support Stockings, Tights, Socks, Maternity Tights, Accessories and some Anti Cellulite Hosiery to 1000s of men and women in the UK who need support for conditions such as DVT, Varicose Vein, Lymphoedema or Simply Tired Aching Legs. Daylong is backed by Credenhill Ltd, a supplier of quality compression garments to the NHS for over 50 years.

More than 50% of the western population should wear compression hosiery either for an underlying medical condition or simply to prevent Tired Aching Legs, thus this is a huge potential market and has not been tapped by anyone before.

Target Audiences

Generally there are hundreds of thousands of people in the UK who know what compression hosiery is and require it for some form of medical ailment. We need to do everything we can to let the British public know we are here and have some wonderfully fashionable products and that they don’t have to rely on the NHS to provide them with this product.

1. Fashionable Compression Hosiery - Good looking and great feeling with added health benefits. 

2. Maternity Support Tights, are for those women who are at any stage of their pregnancy and up to a year afterwards. Varicose Veins are a big issue with pregnant mums, as the increased weight on the body can lead to unsightly varicose veins, the symptoms or onset of these can be remedied by wearing compression hosiery. 

3. Tired Aching Legs. 22,000 people search the term "Aching Legs" on Google every month and potentially millions of people could benefit from wearing compression socks or tights during their working day.

4. Support Socks can be used for long journeys and flights to reduce the risk of DVT and aching legs.

Why become an Affiliate for Daylong?

Daylong are offering up to 5% commission to affiliates for conversions on any product within the site. The average sale at
Daylong is around £50, but we see a number of sales coming in from AWin with much higher values.


Daylong will occasionally produce coupons for affiliates which will always start with ‘aw’ i.e. ‘awhealthypattern’. Affiliates are not permitted to distribute any other coupon codes for Daylong and sales with codes issued elsewhere will be rejected.

Affiliates must have explicit permission from Daylong to use a coupon on their programme and must contact us to gain permission.