Official UGG® (UK) Affiliate Program. The most sought-after, high-quality luxury sheepskin products.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


UGG Affiliate Programme

About us

The UGG®  brand was born on the beach in Southern California in 1978, established by a young Australian surfer.  UGG® has gone from a small time surf brand to the global leader in luxury sheepskin footwear. For over 36 years the classic UGG boot has been an icon of casual style and it is now a must-have wardrobe stable across the globe. The product range has grown beyond the classic sheepskin boots to incorporate casual footwear, slippers, and most recently, handbags and apparel, all made of the same fine twinface sheepskin.

Join UGG®  now

Join the UGG® affiliate program and offer the full line of the most sought-after, high-quality sheepskin products direct to the customer. The owned brand website offers exclusive products not available through other partners, and experiences high conversion rates as customers feel confident buying directly from us.

  • We offer 3% commission on our luxury products with the opportunity for increased rates for additional exposure. With Oultet products at 2%.
  • Due to the exclusivity of the UGG® brand and our strategic direction, all offer-led and discounting sites (e.g. Voucher code or Cashback sites) will go through a strict approval process and applications may be declined if requirements are not met. All voucher codes sites are paid 2.5% commission.
  • UGG® collaboration products are exlcuded from all commissions. 
  • It is prohibited to promote the UGG Outlet offering without explicit approval from the brand. 

Promote UGG® using:

  • World-class tracking and support with Awin
  • A dedicated affiliate team committed to your success
  • Fresh, eye-catching and high-performing creative in place to get you started today. Available in an extensive range of sizes.
  • Preset text links + text links available.  
  • Product feed featuring high res images and product descriptions, updated daily.

Ad Text and selection for the Promotion of UGG®

Due to the exclusivity of the items stocked, UGG® does not operate in the discount market place. As such, any misleading text offering or promoting specific discount amounts is forbidden. UGG®  reserves the right to cancel any commission for that period and at our discretion also reserve the right to remove the affiliate from the programme.

Promoting UGG Links

Pay Per Click Policy:

It is forbidden to bid on any UGG  related keywords unless pre-authorised. UGG reserves the right to cancel any commission for that period and at our discretion and also reserves the right to remove the affiliate from the programme. Examples of these are below: 

The brand name “UGG ” and misspellings of the brand name i.e. “UGG” 
With a prefixed or suffixed word i.e. boots at UGG or UGG boots
The use of  as the visible URL in paid search campaigns is forbidden.

Direct linking to the UGG® website is not allowed

Affiliates must not claim to be the 'official' or 'authorised' (or any other such similar term) site.

Domain Restrictions

Affiliates can’t have domain names similar to the brand name or the brand name misspelled. UGG® reserves the right to cancel any commission coming from these affiliates and they will be removed from the programme.

Other guidelines:

  • The use of UGG® affiliate links in Froogle / Google Base / Merchant Centre is strictly forbidden as outlined in their own terms and conditions. 
  • The use of spyware/adware is strictly forbidden
  • It is strictly forbidden to promote the UGG® Outlet unless authorised by the UGG® affiliate team.

For more info, contact the UGG UK affiliate team at