Official UGG® (UK) Affiliate Program. The most sought-after, high-quality luxury sheepskin products.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days



Ad Text and selection for the Promotion of UGG® 

Any misleading text offering or promoting specific discounts not authorised by UGG® is forbidden. UGG® reserves the right to cancel any commission for that period and at our discretion also reserve the right to remove the affiliate from the programme.


Promoting UGG® Links

Pay Per Click Policy:

It is forbidden to bid on any UGG® related keywords unless pre-authorised. UGG reserves the right to cancel any commission for that period and at our discretion and also reserves the right to remove the affiliate from the programme. Examples of these are below: 

With a prefixed or suffixed word i.e. boots at UGG or UGG boots
The use of as the visible URL in paid search campaigns is forbidden.

Direct linking to the UGG website is not allowed

Affiliates must not claim to be the 'official' or 'authorised' (or any other such similar term) site.

Other guidelines:

  • The use of UGG® affiliate links in Froogle / Google Base / Merchant Centre is strictly forbidden as outlined in their own terms and conditions. 
  • The use of spyware/adware is strictly forbidden.
  • It is strictly forbidden to promote the UGG® Outlet unless authorised by the UGG® affiliate team.


Brand Basics Guidelines:

  • When referring to UGG® , please use the full brand name ‘UGG ’. When using the word UGG always use all capitals, never lower case such as ‘Ugg’ or ‘ugg’
  • As a general rule, you should never pluralize “UGG” by using the term “UGGs.” If using the plural is necessary, use “UGG boots,” “UGG slippers,” or “UGG footwear.”
  • The UGG brand was born on the beach in Southern California in 1978, established by a young Australian surfer. UGG shoes are not made in Australia.
  • For over 36 years the Classic UGG boot has been an icon of casual style and it has successfully become a must-have wardrobe stable across the globe.
  • UGG® sheepskin is sourced from Australia, Europe and the United States.
  • UGG® only uses sheepskins that is a by-product of the meat industry and actively condemn the inhumane treatment of sheep and the practice of mulesing. For more detailed information, please go to:
  • In addition to sheepskin, we use UGGpure™ - luxurious, natural wool woven into a durable backing.
  • UGG® uses a variety of premium materials that feel like nothing else, not just sheepskin.