Cheaper Online are a growing ecommerce website in Blackpool. We offer a variety of products ranging from garden furniture to Christmas decorations at clearance and discounted prices.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days Affiliate Programme

Cheaper Online are proud to be one of the UK's biggest suppliers when it comes to garden furniture, gardening essentials and Christmas decorations. Our extensive range of products is all available at competitive prices with free delivery on all orders throughout the United Kingdom.

We are committed to offering customers the highest quality products, at incredible clearance prices and with excellent after sale customer care. When it comes to selling our products - the customer’s happiness is key to a successful sale.

Various payments methods available - Klarna, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Amazon Payments, Google Pay

Why customers are shopping at Cheaper Online?

Our website makes it easy for customers to shop for what they want with an easy payment system. Whether browsing on desktop or mobile, browsing and checking out is easy. All orders have free delivery throughout the UK.

Why should you choose Cheaper Online?

Cheaper Online offers a 6% base rate commission on sales. Commissions are paid on the basket value of the order, before any delivery upgrade fees.

We are open to flexibility when it comes to an increased commission for additional exposure and sales. We are also willing to negotiate bespoke discount codes to offer to your audience to help promote sales further - please contact us. 

  • 6% base rate commission
  • 30-day cookie length
  • Fexible commission rates & bespoke discount codes for extra exposure

Sales will not be eligible for commission for the following:

  • Sale was not fully completed online
  • An unauthorised discount is applied (existing email marketing or discount code)
  • Purchase is for a gift card or payment is paid with an existing gift card
  • Cancelled or Returned Orders
  • Fraudulent Orders

Affiliate Payment Validation

All of an affiliate’s sales will be validated on a monthly basis and paid one month in arrears.

Discount Code Usage

Affiliates on the Cheaper Online programme are not permitted to use any discount codes that have not been agreed for affiliate use. Cheaper Online offer alternative discount codes via other marketing channels - email marketing, social media campaigns, eBay packaging and codes available on our website.

We ask that all affiliates take absolute care and attention not to promote any unauthorised codes in any manner through their marketing channels, websites and social media - this can and will result in commissions being declined for the sales that have been determined void. Where required in certain cases you may be removed from our affiliate program.

Affiliates should not promote any discount codes that are exclusive to specific affiliates, websites and discount sites. Where a discount code usage has been determined to be unauthorised, no commissions will be paid to the wrong affiliate. 

Social Media Marketing

Affiliates are allowed to feature Cheaper Online and our products on any social media platforms, however, branding restrictions and guidelines must be met and adhered to at all times. Affiliates are not permitted to use any of our company branding across any social media channel. Affiliates may only speak about Cheaper Online when promoting our products, website and service.