Hiatt Hardware is a leading distributor of DIY hardware products for the UK and European markets. We provide over 1000 products including door handles and knobs, cabinet handles and knobs, hook rails, hooks, ironmongery, door hinges, and door security.


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About Hiatt Hardware (UK) Ltd 

We are a leading distributor of DIY hardware products for the UK and the European markets. We have a wide range of over 1000 products, and we are proud to offer our customers high quality products at a reasonable price. We provide same day dispatch and next working day delivery for all of our products. 


At Hiatt hardware you can discover a lot of inspirational ideas for your Home and Garden, with most of our products being used for doors, wardrobe cabinets, kitchen cabinets and drawers, bathrooms and gardens. We constantly enhance our website in order to improve customer satisfaction, so why not be a part of this journey by helping customers find us.   


We have everything you need for your next home improvement project from door handles to door knobs, cabinet knobs to cabinet handles, door hinges to door security, hooks to hook-rails, ironmongery and many more!



  • Safety: All our products are fire tested and have 10-years guarantee.
  • Live Stock: if the item is showing available, you can be sure we have it ready in our warehouse to be dispatched.
  • Knowledge Guide: Need information? Our website contains blogs, Q&A, how to guides, buying guides, DIY inspiration guides and more! .
  • Social Media: We provide inspiring posts of home renovations, upcycling ideas and information about our products on social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest.


Head over to today for a wide range of products and plenty of helpful guides to transform your home.

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