BT is one of the world’s leading providers of communications solutions and services operating in more than 170 countries


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21 Days


BT Business Broadband Affiliate Programme

BT is one of the world’s leading providers of communications solutions and services operating in more than 170 countries. Its principal activities include the provision of networked IT services globally; local, national and international telecommunications services to our customers for use at home, at work and on the move; broadband and internet products and services and converged fixed/mobile products and services. BT consists principally of three lines of business: BT Global Services, BT Consumer and BT Enterprise.

BT Enterprise aims to help small businesses cut costs in the current climate, without sacrificing peace of mind, and enjoying many benefits such as reliable connections, guest wifi and much more.

The BT Business Broadband Affiliate programme is exclusively available on selected broadband products in our portfolio. Please see below the list of products in our portfolio for which we will pay out commission, with both copper and fibre packages available:

Products we pay out on:

  1. Broadband Essential
  2. Broadband Enhanced
  3. Superfast Essential
  4. Halo for Business - Superfast (formerly Superfast Enhanced)
  5. Full Fibre 150 (Formerly Ultrafast 1)
  6. Full Fibre 300 (Formerly Ultrafast 2)

We will not pay out commission on sales of any other products through our Affiliates channel. This will include Mobile, Tablet and Advisory products which we previously paid at the default commission rate. From April 6th 2021, these will now track at £0 commission.

Also, please note that it can take some time for a business broadband connection to be made. We will keep all sales in pending for 180 days from date of sale to account for this. After 180 days have passed, we will reject them as incomplete.

Transaction Queries

TQs that are raised 12 months after the order date will be deemed invalid and declined.

Account manager contact details:

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the programme further or require additional information then please do not hesitate to contact the BT affiliate team