At houseof we specialise in creatively engineered lighting but we are much more than a lighting company. We are luminaries, striving to change the world one light at a time and building a community of like-minded people who share our values.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

houseof Affiliate Programme


houseof is the climate friendly lighting company.  They know it isn’t easy being green and all of their lights are low waste, low impact and make it easy for everyone to be climate friendly.  houseof started in 2019 and produce high quality, on trend, environmentally conscious lighting and became part of the B Corp movement in 2023. 

Lighting accounts for 5% of the planet’s carbon emissions.  We take climate action by;

  • B Corp Certified - houseof joined the B Corp movement and legally pledged to be a force for good. 
  • Reducing our impact - Championing low impact production and materials
  • Offsetting their own emissions - plant trees to offset employee’s carbon footprint
  • Offset their customer’s emissions  - We offset all of our production emissions and all of our customers usage emissions for 10 years!

Being low waste - energy efficient bulbs and fully recyclable packaging 

Over the past 2 years, we've had an incredible response from both the press and our customers and we’re always looking for publishers to help us introduce to new audiences, so we are building an affiliate program that works for our community with:

  • A clear defined customer proposition
  • A generous commission on any sales that you generate for us
  • Beautiful creatives
  • Partner events 
  • PR opportunities for your site
  • High on site Average Order Value 


  • Bronze level affiliates 5% 
  • Silver level affiliates 7.5% 
  • Gold level affiliates 10%
  • Platinum level affiliates 12.5% 

30 Day attribution window

67 Day Validation period 

These rates are the standard commissions; however, commissions may differ per publisher depending on agreed extensive exposure package deals. Commission approvals are also subject to voucher code use, please see terms.


Notice to all partners:

  • Do not bid on our terms under any circumstances without prior consent
  • Do not market or promote our brand without making contact with us first to discuss your plans
  • Do not work with us through a subnetwork; we prefer you to work with us directly; if you insist on the use of a subnetwork, let us know in advance