Online Check Writer (US)

Online Check Writer (US)

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Pay and Get Paid on our All-in-One platform with a low transaction fee! Integration with over 22k banks and most accounting software. B2B credit card payments without a payee fee. Digital checks, ACH, Get-paid links, Wire, Wallet, Check Drafts, and more!


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

120 Days

Online Check Writer (US) Affiliate Program

Hello and welcome to the Online Check Writer Affiliate Program. 

We are an All-in-One B2B payment platform where you can do more than create checks. Pay or get paid instantly without any transaction fees.  Low-cost ACH can save your business multiple hundreds, even thousands of dollars in transaction fees.  All the features you need to manage your payments seamlessly. Our software helps you to control all aspects in one place and let you concentrate more on your business.  Make transactions through the most secure platform. Connect with over 22,000+ banks and manage them all in one space. Make or receive payments by checks, digital checks, ACH, Direct Deposit, RTP and transfer them by printing, send by email, text or let us mail it by USPS service. Import your data from multiple platforms (QuickBooks, Excel, Zoho, Gusto, ADP, Bitpay).  Integrate your bank or open a bank account through our platform. 

Trusted by over 1 Million users. We have processed over $20 Billion in transactions in the last few years. We are tracking faster than most FinTech Companies because we offer so much capability on our platform to meet all your payment processing needs,  and we do it for a LOW-COST. No need to struggle anymore to get checks printed or transferred from your favorite applications. Sign up with Online Check Writer and make things easy. Voted best check printing software overall in 2021 by Investopedia. #1 Rated check printing software in the QuickBooks app store.

What’s in it for you?

Join us in our incredible growth opportunity and we will pay you:

  • 10% commissions paid for all programs, subscriptions from $49.99/month to $499.99/month
  • Performers are upgraded to 30% commissions for all programs, 15% for Enterprise plans
  • Additional Performance incentives as bonus
  • Sales Assists are rewarded.
  • $0.50 paid for every free trial registration with verified email and phone number.
  • 120 Days Cookie Period 
  • Regular, reliable commission payments
  • Dedicated affiliate management team on hand to help

* New customers will need to go beyond 15 day trial period and sign up for membership


$15-$20 Commission New $49.99 Plan. User Get 50 free credits at a lower transaction fee

Avoid Free Trial. Offer Coupons if required. 30%-40% commission on sale amount. Bonus for $1000 monthly sales.

Our 49.99 plan is here   With Free Trial is here

Our 499.99 plan is here  With Free Trial is here

We  have introduced "Pay Anywhere With Your Credit Card" option. Businesses can use credit card to pay their vendors/suppliers and the receiver will not have any transaction charges. Usually Credit Card payments involve a transaction fee borne by the receiver of payment.  The details of ‘Pay anyone using credit card’ plan is available here

Our Pricing details are here 


Our Products links are below: 

  1. Check Printing Software 
  2.  ACH Payment 
  3. echeck 
  4. Checks by mail 
  5. Pay Bills 
  6. Payroll Check 
  7. Pay by Credit Card  
  8. Receive Checks 
  9. Invoicing 
  10. Check Draf
  11. Get-paid-by form 
  12. Ach Wallet 
  13. Deposit Slip 
  14. Cash Accounting 
  15. Central Accounting 
  16. Bank Data 
  17. Positive Pay 
  18. Third Party Finance/Accounting Integration

Discount Code Policy:  Only discount codes approved for the affiliate channel will be approved.

Affiliate Management Contact:  This program is managed by a dedicated affiliates team. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have by emailing:

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