Online Check Writer (US)

Online Check Writer (US)

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Pay and Get Paid on our All-in-One platform with a low transaction fee! Integration with over 22k banks and most accounting software. B2B credit card payments without a payee fee. Digital checks, ACH, Get-paid links, Wire, Wallet, Check Drafts, and more!


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

120 Days

We pay 10% to 30% on total purchase of our annual/monthly programs ranging from $19.99/month to $499.99/month. We pay $0.50 for every lead with verified email and phone number. Performance bonuses will be paid.   We will pay 10% -15% on our Enterprise programs and our Consumer program which is customized for the needs of the customer. That price is TBD based upon the requests made and what we are able to provide in accordance with their requests.