Designing a functional, fresh approach to modern handbags.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Hammitt (US) Affiliate Program

About Hammitt

We believe functionality comes first

Since then, we’ve designed to surprise and delight with innovation and evolving functionality.

We believe standout people deserve standout quality

Each style starts with a thought and an idea to solve a problem. Ideas become sketches, which come to life thanks to high quality materials that are selected to last and intended to be cherished.

Each handbag keeps you in mind and is here to help you be yourself and make your life easier and more colorful.

Our Lifetime Promise

We guarantee every piece of signature hardware and every smooth-gliding zipper forever.

Need a repair? We’ll handle it free of charge, from start to finish.

Yes, forever.

Our Mission

Designing a functional, fresh approach to modern handbags.

Why Join The Hammitt Affiliate Program?

Program Features Include:

  • 30 Day Attribution Period 
  • Competitive commissions with room for increases
  • Opportunities to participate in exclusive offers, contests, activation campaigns, sponsorship's & more!
  • $250 average sale amount
  • Free standard US shipping and hassle-free returns!
  • Product data feed available for your convenience
  • Database of creatives available for your advertising needs
  • Less than 1% return rate
  • Dedicated affiliate team

*See Program Terms for details

Categories: Bags and accessories, luxury handbags, high-end women's handbags and accessories 

Terms and Conditions:

  • Promotion Policy:  Affiliates can only offer "officially approved" coupons and pricing as provided in the network admin. Failure to comply with this restriction may lead to commissions being removed and potential deactivation from the program.
  • Keyword Policy: You may NOT bid on the trade name or misspellings. Affiliates may NOT use the tradenames in ads. Affiliates may NOT use the destination URL in the advertising links. Trademark Plus (PPC / Paid Search) campaigns must be approved by the Troubadour Goods affiliate team. 
  • We allow downloadable software partners to join our program.
  • We allow incentivized partners to join our program.
  • We allow email campaigns. All partners must be Can-SPAM compliant and contact us first for suppression lists. Any partner that runs an email campaign before contacting us is considered to be in violation of our Terms and Conditions.
  • Unauthorized Use of Coupons: affiliates will not be commissioned on any transactions of a promotional code that was not provided via the affiliate channel; i.e. unauthorized codes will track at 0% commission.

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