We are experts in providing fast broadband over 4G to UK homes & businesses that can't get good landline broadband. Set-up takes just a few days & no landline is required. 99% of UK properties are already covered. If anyone can get you connected, it's us.

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United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


4G Internet Affiliate Programme

4G Internet Affiliate Programme

At 4G Internet we specialise in the delivery of high quality broadband using 4G technology to home and business properties across the entire UK, where fibre-based broadband either hasn't reached or where it simply does not perform adequately. Already well over 95% of all UK properties are covered by the 4G broadband services we offer.


Our Affiliate Program rewards affiliates every time a customer successfully signs up for our service by ordering one of our two 4G broadband set-up options. These are as follows:-


• Our “Router Only” option  - this is for locations where the 4G signal is particularly strong and has a lower up-front cost. Customers are typically up and running within 2 days of order placement. 

• Our “Full Install” option - this is where we specialise. For locations where 4G signal levels are weaker or where optimised 4G broadband performance is desired, we'll professionally install our high gain external antenna and fully set the system up for customers. It's a more expensive up-front option but will provide the best possible 4G broadband results for that particular location. This includes locations where smartphones may only show flaky 4G signals – or even no 4G at all.


Please note that commissions will not be payable if a customer cancels the service within the first 28 days of becoming a customer.