LOOKFANTASTIC is one of the UK's most successful online retailers of premium hair and beauty products

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Default Commission Rates

New Customer: 7%

Existing Customer: 3%

Technology: 2%

Beauty Box (single): 2%

Beauty Box 3 month subscription: 6

Beauty Box 6 month subscription: 12

Beauty Box 12 month subscription: 20


New Customer: 10%

Existing Customer: 5%


New Customer: 10%

Existing Customer: 5%


New Customer: 5%

Existing Customer: 5%

Voucher code

New Customer: 2%

Existing Customer: 2%

Browser extensions: (activity only allowed in agreement with THG) 2% flat

The Ordinary New customers: 2%

The Ordinary Existing customers: 2%

*all commissions are negotiable, please get in touch with the LOOKFANTASTIC affiliate team to propose any promotional activity

**bulk orders will be rewarded against a maximum of 5% CPA