Only Tiller Money automatically imports daily finances into Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. Easily track everything in one place with the greatest flexibility and control. Start fast with templates for budgeting, debt, and more. ★★★★★ G Suite rating

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United States of America


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30 Days

Tiller Money (US) Affiliate Program

Your financial life in a spreadsheet, automatically updated each day. 

Only Tiller Money automatically imports daily spending, account balances, and transactions into Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

Easily track finances from banks, credit cards, brokerages, and 20,000 financial sources all in one place. Tiller Money combines the automation of an app with the flexibility and control of a spreadsheet. 

Get started fast with templates for budgeting, tracking net worth, paying down debt, visualizing trends, running a small business, and more.

Tiller Money has a five-star user rating in the G Suite Store and is recognized as the 2019 “Best Personal Finance Platform” by Fintech Breakthrough Awards.

“An amazing tool for those who want a combo of automation and hands-on budgeting with the flexibility of spreadsheets.” ★★★★★ – G Suite Review

Every Tiller Money subscription includes: 

  • The Foundation Template, an easily customized personal finance dashboard with essential budgeting tools and quick financial insights such as spending trends.
  • Tiller Money Feeds, easily automate daily finances in any Google Sheet or in Microsoft Excel Online 2016 
  • Tiller Money Labs, with over 24 free templates and tools for budgeting, debt snowball, net worth, tracking spending, small business, cash flow, taxes, financial trends, and more. 
  • Tiller Money Community for fast help and inspiration. 
  • US-based account support.

Benefits of joining the Tiller Money Affiliate Program:

  • Unique solution – only Tiller Money automates personal and business finances into Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel
  • 24 million Americans use spreadsheets as their primary financial tracking tool 
  • Earn a one-time payment of $25 for each new paid subscription. 

Tiller Money primarily serves customers in the United States of America. We work closely with a data provider that supports banking institutions in the US and therefore are currently only approving publishers with audiences focused in the US. 

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