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30 Days

Earn a one-time commission of $25 for each customer who successfully begins a paid subscription with Tiller Money from an authorized link from your publisher account.

All new Tiller Money customers begin with a free 30-day trial and then become paid subscribers if they do not cancel during their trial period.

Tiller Money is not responsible for issuing payment for a customer who is referred through methods other than an authorized link (write in referrals, organic traffic, word of mouth).

Commissions will be validated within 10 days of a customer beginning a paid subscription. Payments are then issued by AWIN via direct deposit on the 1st (for validated commissions from the previous month 1st-15th) and the 15th (for validated commissions from the previous month 16th-31st).

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Tiller Money’s affiliate program is not intended for financial advisors to enroll clients, but rather publishers, influencers, and bloggers that reach a wide audience through social media, newsletters, and their websites.