Instaread offers key insights to bestselling nonfiction books in audio & text. Every book is analyzed and summarized by professionals, so that you can get through it in just 15 minutes. Receive a commission of 30% .


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30 Days

Instaread (US) Affiliate Program

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What we do?

Instaread offers key insights to bestselling nonfiction books. Every book is analyzed and summarized by professionals so that you can get through them in just 15 minutes.

We cover a wide range of categories including self-help, business, productivity, health & fitness, history and psychology.

Best Curation - Constantly Growing

Our goal is to save our users time! That means that we distil book content into 15-minute bundles, but it also means that we only accept the best books into our library. You can be sure that if a book is in our selection it has gone through a fierce vetting process to ensure that it'll add value to the user.

That being said, there's always new great books coming onto the market. We always keep our ears and eyes open for the next useful nonfiction bestseller, to add it to our library.

Highest Quality

Our summaries are written by professional journalists and are the highest quality on the market. Each Instaread goes through the hands of at least 15 people before being released.

Furthermore, we produce market-leading cover-illustrations for every book that we work on. In their own right, these have been the subject of great praise.

7-Day Free Trial

Any new user gets a free unrestricted 7-day trial. That means that during the trial all features and all content is fully available without any limitations.

Audio & Text

All summaries are available as audiobooks and text version. So they can read on screen or listened to, for example during a commute.

Web & App

Customers can access all the content on the web or through our iOS app.

Pricing Model

Instaread is a digital subscription service that offers monthly ($8.99/m) and yearly ($89.99/y) options. We pay commission on the first payment made, therefore strongly encouraging you to push the yearly subscriptions to the end-customer. The average order value is $50.

Programme Information

Why become an Instaread Affiliate?

  • 30% commission for all validated new paying customers (15% commission for discount code publishers)
  • Average order value of $50
  • 30 day cookie period
  • Seasonal offers
  • Constantly growing "product" library (books) to advertise and generate content around


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