Summary Daily Deals for Mums, Dads Carers. We are the fastest growing Intl online store for Baby, Toddler, Kids, grown-ups apparel accessories, also home accents. The average site conversion is 6.5% we offer between 5% to 15% commission


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

45 Days


PatPat UK Affiliate Programme  is a shopping deal site for all the family.
Our growth is phenomenal. The program doesn't require publishers to be in the UK. We welcome publishers all over the world.

Our Primary categories are baby, toddlers, and family matching.
We also cater for Mums, Dads, and carers. Besides, we sell home wear and pet products.

Our audience is people buying baby shower gifts, baby clothes, and multi-buys for their kids, all at the lowest prices and all our products are quality assured.  Everything is a deal.

The average order basket is £45

Besides, we have a 15% off on all orders Code Awin15. Other types of codes available via contacting PatPat on Awin.
Need more convincing? We have a category called "flash Sale" every day we will drop our prices on selected items.
30 days no quibble refund. 

For our valued affiliates, nowhere on any discounted shopping site affiliate program will you find higher commissions, few restrictions, and more to the point a professional Affiliate Marketing Management Agency, team.

1- The rule of commission:

The commission for all the networks, our rule is:

Commission for coupon, cashback, content, Comparison Engine, deal site:

6% for the new customers, 5% for the existence 

For normal content affiliates (blog, forum, social media, etc), we offer an exclusive incentive program. In the first two months of joining the program, we can increase the commission to 8%-10% for potential content resources. If you would like to get CPAi, don't hesitate to get in touch with

Incentive sites welcome.

Full 50000+ product Data feed available

Industry Sized Banners

45-day cookie.

Promos? All the promos you can take and more.

What you need to know, please read and agree to the following.

You may use images from the website, please do not distort these images.

You may not promote on any adult site, or any site that promotes, race hate, religious intolerance, homophobia, sexism, ageism... you're sensible enough to know this already but we do have to add this to affiliate terms and conditions.

Coupon sites, you may not promote any coupon that has not been authorized, you must display the expiry date.

We have a returns policy, all pending sales will be validated after a grace period of two weeks, in some cases sooner but no later than three weeks after the commission has appeared in your account. We will do affiliates clawbacks based on returns, refunds, or fraudulent transactions.

We will manually approve all affiliates regardless before accepting them onto the program, this is for quality control purposes. If you get rejected and you think we are in error, please email us for a second opinion.

2- Affiliates filter conditions (for affiliates which are new to an application)

One, refuse to join

1. The domain name includes “PatPat” or variations/misspellings thereof.

2. The website contains pornography, violence, hatred, illegal activities/organizations, offensive content, etc.

3. The website shows error messages such as "under construction", "no page found", "the wrong page found" and so on.

4. SNS channel creates a new page with no followers or the number of followers is less than 100.

5. The website doesn't work.

Second, think carefully

1. Open the website and jump to another domain name.

2. The website has almost no content, or almost all of them are filled with ugly banners, or it's very irrelevant to our products.

For PPC campaign:

1. All types of websites can do PPC promotion.

2. Not keywords are protected on SEM in 2019, Oct. Since 2019, Nov, there will be TM restrictions.

3. Affiliates could do PPC straight to PatPat's website, not need for mid-site.

4. Google shopping is allowed.

5. You may not use the display directly on the PatPat website without authorization.

Cheating rules: the first time, warning; The second time, warning + cancel the commission; The third time, he’ll be kicked out of the program.

Your affiliate Managers will be Lydia.

We look forward to working with you :)




-Affiliate Team of PatPat

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