Dorothy Perkins has traded since 1919 and has been online since 1999. It offers gorgeous, up-to-the-minute fashion and the essential items of the season at affordable prices.

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Dorothy Perkins UK Affiliate Programme

Dorothy Perkins Affiliate Programme


At Dorothy Perkins, fashion isn't just what we know, it's what we love. Exciting, feminine, versatile - but affordable too - our huge range of styles and daily new arrivals mean your wardrobe can be as good at multitasking as you are. If you're looking for the perfect shopping buddy, we're it!


We Believe In... 


A Flattering Fit
We dress women of all shapes and sizes and have dedicated Tall, Curve, Petite and Maternity ranges. Size is just a number. A feminine, flattering fit is what we strive for and our mantra is that if you feel good you should wear it.


The Whole Outfit
A dress makes every occasion special, and it’s one of the things we do best. But what’s a dress without the shoes? And what about those laid-back-denim days? If you fall in love with a top at DP, you can be sure we’ve got the shoes, bag, coat, jeans and jewellery to go with it.


Style Inspiration
We’re there for you, whatever the occasion with advice and outfit ideas. Date-night dresses - we’ve got it covered. The tricky interview outfit - no problem. Wondering what to wear to a wedding? Ta-Dah! Making shopping easier gives you more time to do the things you love - and that’s always a good thing.


New Ideas
We love all things ‘new’. New clothes, new outfits,new ideas. And you’ll find hundreds of new arrivals every week waiting to inspire your next outfit. From signature prints, to catwalk-inspired looks and the season’s key pieces, we’ll make sure you don’t miss a thing


Cookie Period

30 Days


Dorothy Perkins offers Voucher Affiliates:

3% New Customers

1% Existing Customers


Dorothy Perkins offers content affiliates:

6% New Customers

2% Existing Customers


Dorothy Perkins offers all other affiliates:

5% New Customers

1% Existing Customers


If you are unable to operate at the stated commission rates, or require a bespoke rate, please get in touch.


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