EMP is Europe’s largest online retailer for Movie, Music & Entertainment Merch. We offer over 20k products & continue to be leaders in the U.K. for alternative fashion.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

EMP UK Affiliate Programme

EMP is Europe’s largest online retailer for alternative clothing and music, movie, TV and video game merchandise. Established in Lingen, Germany over thirty years ago as a mail order business selling band t-shirts, today EMP distribute from a growing range of over 50,000 items to nineteen countries across Europe, leading the way in:

- Alternative fashion - selling items from dozens of top fashion brands, as well as operating six proprietary labels;
- Music merchandise – officially-licensed clothing, accessories, gifts and memorabilia from the world’s top rock, metal, punk and indie bands
- Entertainment merchandise – officially-licensed clothing, accessories, collectibles and gifts from hundreds of top movie, TV and gaming franchises

In addition to operating six alternative fashion brands, EMP also hold a license to sell exclusive official merchandise from many of its top bands and franchises – meaning almost 3,000 items available from EMP cannot be purchased anywhere else in Europe.

EMP’s core audience consists of the young and young-at-heart; most customers fall into the 16-40 age category, while there is also a strong presence in the customer base of older ‘classic rockers’. The gender split is roughly 55:45 male:female.

Historically, the typical EMP customer has had a taste for alternative music and fashion. The addition of entertainment licenses to the range mean the brand’s appeal is now much broader, with growing popularity amongst the ‘geek’ community.

The commission rate for the EMP affiliate programme is generous and is based on the volume of sales from

Publisher Commissions: 

Default:                      4,00 % per sale

Guest Order:             4,00 % per sale

Existing Customer:  4,00 % per sale

New Customer:         7,00 % per sale

Voucher Portals:       3,00% per each sale

Restrictions: No radical, pornographic, violent or illegal content, no sites without Terms and Conditions or sites that violate UK law or that EMP considers to be of a low moral standing. Operating the EMP affiliate programme whilst using active search engine marketing is strictly prohibited. Similarly, we insist that no EMP affiliate scheme should be advertised via pop-ups, layer ads, adware and forced-click advertising.