Beauty should be effortless. Multi-award winning shaving & beauty. Membership from £9.95 per month.

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Commission Structure

- For every customer who signs up to an award-winning razor and blades (any handle and blade combination) you will receive 35% net commission.

- For every customer who signs up to any razor and also buys any additional product on subscription (such as a shave cream) you will receive a further 35% net commission on each product added.

- For every customer who adds a product as a one-off purchase, you will recieve 10% net comission on each product.

- All one off sales (such as a large or small Gift Box or Gift Set) you will recieve 10% net comission.

- Increased commission will be considered in exchange for increased exposure opportunities.

Please note that we do not paying commission on VAT. Hence for a £9.95 sale price, you will recieve comission on the post-VAT amount of £8.29. This means that at 35% comission rate for a £9.95 sale you will recieve 35% of £8.29 i.e. £2.90