Friction Free Shaving is the world’s first online shaving club exclusively for women. We deliver razors and replacement blades to 10,000's of members each month, as well as a range of shaving products. Say FFS to rip off razors and hello to smooth legs!

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United Kingdom


Cookie Length

30 Days


Friction Free Shaving Affiliate Programme

Friction Free Shaving (FFS) is the UK's first shaving club. Think Dollar Shave Club, Harry's or Cornerstone - but for ladies. 

We launched because we were fed up with overpriced, low quality plastic women’s razors razor on the market. It made us say FFS – hence our name! We believe that women deserve better, more convenient shaving products, at lower prices. Also we saw a massive gap in the market to be the first razor subscription club not aimed towards men.

Our model makes shaving cheaper, cleaner and more convenient.

The truth is, if you shave regularly, you should be changing your blades regularly too. But blades are expensive so women often overuse them until they are blunt, dirty and not doing their job properly. FFS blades are high quality, yet affordable so you can change regularly & avoid skin irritation.

We know that remembering to buy new blades is one of those annoying things we all forget to do. We solve that problem by delivering razors through your letterbox each month. So that's one less thing to worry about.

So how does FFS work?

You sign up and choose the razor you want. We send you a sleek metal award-winning razor handle through your letterbox, along with four high quality razor heads in your first box, and every month after that we’ll send your four brand new razor heads. That means a fresh blade every week to keep your legs smooth.

Our award-winning razors cost just £9 a month. Our award-winning shaving products cost just £6. And you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time - or receive blades every other month if you shave less frequently. 

Our Rose razor has been the proud winner of several awards including: Best New Hair Removal Product at the Pure Beauty Awards 2019, Best Women's Razor at the Product of The Year Awards 2019 and also The Best Personal Care Proudct at The Beauty Awards 2018 with OK! 

How to join FFS as an affiliate

You can partner with FFS by becoming an affiliate, thereby tapping into our very loyal female fan base. We are currently accepting applications from beauty and lifestyle bloggers, vloggers, websites and publishers that would be a good fit for the brand.

How it works

As an FFS affiliate, you can share us via links or banners with your users/readers on email, your website or social media. For every customer who signs up, you will receive a commission amount.

- For every customer who signs up via your affiliate link to an award-winning Rose (£9) razor you will get £2.10 (28% net commission)

For every customer who signs up via your affiliate link to a Lily (£9) razor you will get £2.10 (28% net commission)

- For every customer who signs up to any razor and ALSO buys either a Pre-Shave Scrub, Shave Cream, or Post-Shave Balm, you will get a further £1.40  (25% net commission) on each product. So sell a Rose + a Shave Cream you'll get £2.10 + £1.40 = £3.50 (28% net commission) or sell a Rose + 2 products you'll get £4.90 (28% net commission) or sell a Rose + 3 products (Scrub, Cream, Balm) and earn £6.30 (28% net commission).

- Our Rose and Lily razors can also be engraved with the customers' name or word of their choice (max 10 characters). This costs £6 which means you can ALSO earn an extra £1.40 (28% net commission) for every customer that personalises their razor handle. So a Rose/Lily razor engraved with the 3 products would earn you £7.70 - just for one sale.

It's that simple. One of our affiliates has already made over £2,000 cash in just a few weeks!

For every customer who purchases one of our Christmas sets via your affiliate link, you will receive a 10% net commission.

Please note we also sell a one off gift box of all three products with an engraved handle, for £33. The commission on this is 5% net.