boohoo.com è uno dei negozi di moda online più importanti del Regno Unito in rapida crescita anche in campo internazionale, grazie all'invio dei suoi prodotti in molte destinazioni in tutto il mondo e alle sue attività in 11 paesi.


Periodo di attribuzione (durata cookie)

30 Giorni


Terms and Conditions

Please note that failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in the termination of the employment relationship and non-payment of accrued commissions.

CSS Google Shopping
The CSS Google Shopping activity can only be carried out with the prior written permission of boohoo.

Discount Codes

Boohoo does not accept the application of new discount code/cashback/incentive sites.

Pay Per Click Search (SEM)
Affiliates are not allowed to carry out any PPC search activities by sending traffic to Boohoo unless agreed by the parties.
Affiliates who purchase traffic with search engine keyword buying activity to their sites must also comply with the following rules:
at. Use of the Boohoo trademark in the domain in the subfolder of the displayed URL (e.g. www.affiliate.com/boohoo) – Not Allowed
b. Use of Boohoo trademark in the subdomain of the displayed URL (e.g. www.Boohoo.affiliate.com) – Not Allowed
c. Use of the Boohoo trademark or a variation of the Boohoo logo in the URL (e.g. www.SBoohoo.com) or (www.booohooo.com) – Not Allowed
d. Use of Boohoo Trademark in Ad Title – Not Allowed
and. Use of Boohoo Trademark in Ad Text – Permission
f. Bidding on the term "Boohoo" – Not Allowed
g. Bidding on trademark variations or extensions (e.g. "Boohooss, SBoohoo, Boohool, Boohoo UK, Boohoo.com") – Not Allowed
h. Boohoo Brand Bidding + Generic Categories (e.g. "Boohoo Shoes") – Not Allowed
the. Bidding on the advertiser's URL (e.g. www.Boohoo.com) – Not Allowed
j. Showing ads on competing brands – Not allowed
k. Please note that affiliates are NOT allowed to bid on any of the variations of the Boohoo brand name. Bidding is also not allowed for any brand sold on Boohoo.
l. The Boohoo brand and its most common variations should be added as negative results on all of the affiliate's paid campaigns on search engines.






Discount Codes / Coupon Sites 
As a rule, the use of all promo codes must comply with the official IAB guidelines which can be found here:
at. Publishers can only use discount codes that have been provided by Awin or boohoo directly to affiliates.
b. Publishers must not promote discount codes on their site that were invented or that were generated for other channels or publishers.
c. Under no circumstances are publishers permitted to use i-frames to place Awin cookies on your computer.
d. Discount code publishers with sites that encourage users with "click here to see the offer/code" and then place an Awin cookie can only use this feature if the code exists for the Boohoo program. If there is no discount code available for the Boohooo program, publishers cannot use this method because it leads to a bad user experience for the potential Boohoo customer and can cause customer service issues.
and. If a discount code has been issued and has an expiration date, publishers must explicitly indicate the expiration date so that users can decide whether to proceed and click.
f. If publishers want to keep expired discount codes on the site for reasons related to the SEO of the site they own, they must clearly indicate that they are no longer valid. This indication must be placed next to the expired code. The font size should not be smaller than the content of the site, and the color used should be in clear contrast with the background. It is not possible to place the notification remotely from the expired code.
Any sale found to have been completed using a code not circulated to affiliates will have commissions declined.
Email Marketing
at. All email marketing activities must be authorized by Boohoo and the account management team.
at. Publishers are allowed to create their own deeplinks to a single offering or product category on the Boohoo site. (It is advisable to check that the tracking of the same is correct)
Affiliate Approval

All affiliate sites must have a verified profile on the marketplace, and they must have approval on the program (for each individual ad space) in order to guarantee any brand compliance issues. Any affiliate without a working URL will be rejected.

Boohoo will only consider working with publishers who use toolbars if they can track performance separately from other tasks and allow Boohoo to control all promotions in the toolbars.

Boohoo will only work with subnetworks that provide transparency about their traffic sources.

Confirm Fees

All fees will be confirmed within a period of 35 days and boohoo.com reserves the right to request a refund of fees for all returned merchandise.

Please note, 0% commission is paid on non Boohoo-branded products, including those promoted under other Boohoo Group brands or marketplaces such as PrettyLittleThing or boohooMAN.

Affiliates must not alter anything in the creatives and text links made available through the Awin platform. They also cannot modify the code of the banners, so that any updates by Awin can take effect immediately (e.g. overwriting the banners).
Anyone who does not comply with these conditions will receive a warning and may not be paid commissions. We reserve the right to withhold commissions during this period. Repeated violations of the terms of the contract will lead to a suspension.

Tailor-made creatives can be provided on request, you can get in touch with the following address: uk-boohoo@awin.com.

In the case of product promotion through social platforms, Boohoo may reuse the content produced by affiliates within its marketing channels. In this case, Boohoo will try to tag the publisher's page/channel to cite its source.

Affiliates may not place the Boohoo site on i-frames or hidden URLs.
Product Catalog
Boohoo's product catalog with pricing information is updated daily

Affiliates are required to make a commitment to keep the pricing information of the promotions as up-to-date as possible and therefore in line with the same information on Boohoo

If you promote our products on your social platforms, you agree that we may repurpose your content in our marketing channels. If we do, we'll try to tag your social handle to credit the image as yours.


Preview Promotions

Boohoo may share embargoed information or promotions with its affiliates about upcoming advertising campaigns. Affiliates must not share information publicly or with other companies until the launch date, when the embargo is in effect. This may result in loss of fees and/or termination of the program.