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Here is a list of our key USPs for assistance:

- Convenience - we are a very convenient solution for busy professionals. If you cost up the time it takes to meal plan, go to shops etc we are incredibly cost-effective!

 - The high-quality, locally sourced products - our produce is very high-quality from the West Country (where the founders grew up!) - good produce = delicious and nutritious meals.

 -  Our meals are healthy -  our meals all gluten-free and nutritionist approved. We stand out in the category for this reason - we make healthy eating easy! 

- We are the only recipe box company in the UK to offer vegan options as well. 

 - We are a low-carb solution - all our meals contain no refined carbs. This seems to be a big one for our audience as our competitors bulk the meals up with cheap fillers - we don't - every bit of our meals have nutritional value to help you feel great.

- Free nationwide delivery.

Mindful Chef offers a high-end product that appeals to those with disposable income.