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30 Days

We offer a set commission rate that we apply to all publishers unless specified otherwise:

  • New Customers (first time purchase with Mindful Chef): £7

All publishers must use the discounts and codes supplied in the ‘My Offers’ section within Affiliate Window only, and should not use any other discounts or codes acquired elsewhere. Only if Mindful Chef have specified otherwise with individual publishers are codes other than those supplied in the ‘My Offers’ section within Affiliate Window to be used and those other codes allowed will be specified by Mindful Chef. Mindful Chef reserve the right to demand any publisher remove any discounts and codes from promotional spaces and the right to refuse any commissions on sales that do not comply with these stipulations. Unless otherwise specified on the code itself, voucher codes are for new customers only at this point.

We have a cookie period of 30 days that is applied to all publishers.

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