Tech21 ensures that devices are safe from all the bumps and scrapes of everyday life. We do this by pouring our energy and investment into the creation of new materials and scientific ideas that push the boundaries of what’s possible.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Brand Bidding is not permitted on the Tech21 Affiliate Program on any search engine without the prior written permission of Tech21. Affiliates are not allowed to bid on (or appear under using PPC) the Tech21 brand term or any misspellings or variations of this without the prior written permission of Tech21 on any search engine.

Affiliates are not permitted to include the brand keyword "Tech21" or any misspelling or variation within ad copy. Therefore affiliates should negatively bid on the Tech21 brand terms and misspellings to avoid being broad matched. For a full list of these terms please contact

Affiliates are encouraged to promote Tech21 through the use of generic keywords, however must direct all traffic to a landing page, and not link directly to the Tech21 site. ‘Official’ or ‘TM’ should not be included in the ad copy or the landing page text, and it should be clear the ad and landing page are owned/operated by a third party. Tech21 trademarked terms CANNOT be included in the domain or sub-domain of your landing page URL ie: or Tech21 trademarked terms CAN be used in sub folders of the display urls

Please note - If affiliates are found within breach of the terms and conditions, sales resulting from this activity will be declined and you risk removal from the program. If you are conducting paid search campaigns to promote the Tech21 program but are unsure if your campaign is in keeping with the terms and conditions then please contact before you start bidding.

Domain Restrictions

Affiliates are not permitted to register domains that include the ‘Tech21’ term or any that are similar or include misspellings of our brand, any activity of this kind on the campaign will result in commissions being declined. If you currently own these domains then please contact to discuss the possibilities. You agree not to put the Tech21 website into frames or use masked URLs.