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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Last modified by Feel Güd Sept 2023. Contact with any questions.

Any breach of the terms may result in the decline of all commissions and may see you removed from the programme.

All ad-copy, images and marketing must be signed off by the brand prior to publishing. Partners must make contact with us monthly to update on performance and future plans.

No partner is permitted to promote any promotion, discount or other incentive without consent or where an Account Manager has given permission.

Partners must take it upon themselves to comply with any relevant regulations and guidance from regulatory bodies.

Partners should make their audience aware that their content is monetised and they may receive a commission payment is a customer makes a purchase.

Partners must not use bots, website scrapers, malicious software, illegal methods of any kind and scams to generate engagement.

Commissions are only payable on legitimate transactions. Wholesale purchases are not eligible for commission payments.

Partners must negative match against brand terms in any paid search activity. Programmatic, paid activity of any kind must be with consent.

Partners agree to present the brand in a positive manner where reasonable. Any negative content must be shown to an Account Manager prior to publication.

Partners may not allow members of the public to contribute discount codes or any other promotions to their website(s).

Partners should update images and ad-copy to the latest version no later than 7 days of them being communicated.