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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

To ensure our logo is presented in its best light on your documents; you can find all the information you need to use our logo correctly below. We're happy for you to download and use our logo as specified below, but l=please be sure to follow our guidelines:


This is the only logotype permitted for use by third parties.

In all usage option, the Company Name must be legible at ALL times. The logotype is used as shared, or can be reversed as white on black (or black on white, when necessary). This makes reproduction clear when used in standard litho/digital print, and should be useable with various materials and media.

It is possible to use the logotype over imagery, but this will depend on the image an the background complexity.

Find logos and approved assets here: LINK


in all circumstances, please observe the following to maintain the integrity and appearance of the logotypes.


- DO NOT use the logotype over the top of imagery unless there is an area of clear white that observes the exclusion zone(s)
- DO NOT resize the elements of the logotype(s)
- DO NOT change the appearance of the logotype by distorting the whole logotype OR its individual elements
- DO NOT retype any part of the logotype(s)
- DO NOT change the typefaces for any part of the logotype(s)
DO NOT use the Roman Originals logotypes with ANY third-party advertising promotions.

At all times, the logotype must be show in its entirety and as specified in the above guidelines.