Chic, stylish and unique, Park Grand London Hotels is a collection of trendy 4 star properties renowned for their individuality. With high commission rates, partnering with Park Grand London Hotels is an ideal way to make your website profitable.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

  • Identity:  We are modern, unique and boutique styled properties and our identity reflects that. 
  • You can use Park Grand LondonHotels logo on your site, but you must not amend it in any way.
  • Never scale one part of the logo elements independently.
  • Never change the position of one of the elements within the logo. 
  • Never change the position or the typeface for any typographic element.
  • The logo should always be clearly visible. The logo should never be placed on a background that compromise its visibility.
  • The logo must appear in one of the following colour variations (depending on its application):   

a. White (Preferred variant on dark background that allow contrast with the logo) 

b. Black (Preferred variant on light background that allow contrast with the logo) 


  • Do not place logo closer than .25” to any edges, text or other elements.
  • Do not place logo on a background or image that affects readability.
  • The only approved solid background color upon which Park Grand London Hotels logo can be displayed is black.
  • Typeface Usage: 'Trajan Pro' should be ideally used in headings only.
  • Colours: Text should always appear in white lettering on a dark background, or white on a light background.