Chic, stylish and unique, Park Grand London Hotels is a collection of trendy 4 star properties renowned for their individuality. With high commission rates, partnering with Park Grand London Hotels is an ideal way to make your website profitable.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

The general commission structure for the programme is 12% for all Park Grand properties.

  • If you join you will earn commission on a qualifying transaction, which is a valid hotel booking made on This must be within the 30 days cookie period and your link must be the last one used to direct the customer to make their booking on
  • All transaction queries must be raised after the customer has completed thier stay with Park Grand London Hotels. This is in order to prevent any unnecassary declined TQs and commission. 
  • You will not earn commission on:
    1. Additional booking fees.
    2. If the transaction is not made through the booking engine.
    3. If the transaction is completed offline through our call centres.
    4. If the transaction is generated by a link that does not contain the correct tracking code.
    5. If the booking is cancelled within the month of transaction.
    6. If the booking is made via a PPC using branded keywords.