Beauty Works is the leading luxury hair extension retailer and wholesaler in the UK. With a huge celebrity following, including Khloe Kardashian, Sofia Jamora and Kylie Jenner.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Beauty Works Online offers luxury hair extensions and accessories online 24/7. Please find below a list of guidelines that must be followed by all Affiliates.

Non-compliance with these guidelines can result in commissions being refused and affiliates being suspended.


1. Logo use

Affiliates are permitted to use only the logo downladed from the Affiliate Window Website. This must be kept to the dimensions specified. Stretching or editing of this logo is not permitted. If you require a copy of the logo in different dimensions, please contact Beauty Works via Affiliate Window. No colour variations are available, please do not edit the logo to amend colours.

Any logo edits/replacements made by Beauty Works will be communicated through Affiliate Window. All Affiliates are expected to make updates within 7 days. Any affiliate who does not update creative within this timeframe will be suspended.


2. Text references

Please use the following casing when using the company name within your website: Please do not add any slogans/writing/taglines to the Beauty Works name. Any Affiliate caught doing this will be suspended immediately.


3. Stock

Please do not use any stock images lifted directly from Beauty WorksOnline. If you require an image, please make a detailed request via Affiliate Window.


4. Other creative

Beauty Works Online will make all efforts to make current campaign creatives available via Affiliate Window in a variety of sizes and formats. We will notify all affiliates whenver these are updated. Affiliates who are willing to change creative on a regular basis should use campaign based creative. Those looking to leave creative dormant for any length of time should only use the Beauty Works Online logo. If an Affiliate is found to be displaying old campaign creative, they will receive one notice to update. On the second notice, affiliates will be suspended.