Summary was the UK’s first retail mobile phone website launching in 1995, are now the largest web-only mobile phone shop in the UK, processing thousands of orders every day.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

90 Days


PPC Restrictions:

Please note that the following terms are restricted:
mobilescouk phones latest handsets Mobiles mobile phones

or any derivation or misspelling but not isolated to the above.

Following a warning about violating brand bidding policy and rejection of commissions, publishers will be set to £0 commission and asked to produce proof of execution of the affiliate activity in order to qualify for future commissions. Such publishers will have up to six weeks from the time of transaction to provide the POE to qualify for valid sales. 

Affiliates are not permitted to feature adverts for searches on these or similar terms. To avoid broad match issues please include restricted terms as negative keywords in all your PPC campaigns for

Affiliates are also not permitted to use the url as their landing page, an alternative url or landing page must be used.

Discount codes: encourages affiliates to contact us for exclusive voucher/discount codes and additional incentives. Affiliates are only permitted to promote codes issued specifically to them. reserves the right to decline commission related to voucher abuse.

Affiliates Activity:

We do not wish for our affiliates to interact with customers by telephone or any other means other than ‘online’.

All orders should be placed by the customers and never ‘on behalf’ of a customer.

If any of this activity or similar is discovered, commission will be held back and involved parties will be suspended from all Carphone Warehouse Online Solutions programs pending an investigation.

Transaction Queries:

Please note that all transaction queries should be received within 6 months of the initial order date for us to be able to process them through our system. Unfortunately, any received outside of this window will be declined.

Calling or In-person Sales

Due to government legislation, we cannot allow any form of selling through the affiliate programme other than sales made online at the action of the customer.
If any sales do appear to have been generated ‘by telephone’ or ‘in person’ we will unfortunately have to decline that sale and you will not be paid any commission.

This may also lead to your removal from the program until further review.