Under Armour is the leader in performance apparel, footwear and accessories. The company’s mission is to make all athletes better through passion, design and the relentless pursuit of innovation.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


It’s important to note that Under Armour takes these terms very seriously.  Under Armour reserves the right to remove an affiliate from the Under Armour affiliate program in the event of any violation of these terms.  In the event of such removal, affiliates will not be entitled to any commission they would have otherwise earned during the 30 days prior to the violation.  If you are unclear on any of the points outlined below or would like to request any approvals required by these terms, please contact

Search Policy

All affiliates that agree to drive sales for Under Armour using Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising programs must adhere to the following policies.  While restrictions are outlined below, contact Under Armour to obtain a current list of approved keywords or negative match keywords.

  • Affiliate may neither bid on as a keyword/keyword phrase, nor use in the text of paid search listings any:
    • Under Armour trademark (including but not limited to UA, ARMOUR, UNDER ARMOUR, HEATGEAR, COLDGEAR, ALLSEASONGEAR, etc.);
    • Under Armour trademark phrase (including but not limited to PROTECT THIS HOUSE, ARE YOU FROM HERE, ALWAYS LETHAL, etc.);
    • Misspelling of an Under Armour trademark or trademark phrase (including but not limited to Armor, Under Armor, Underarmor, Underarmour, etc.);
    • Trademark plus generic term (including but not limited to Under Armour shoes, Under Armour coupons, etc.); and/or
    • Product names (for example, UA Charge RC Running Shoe, UA Coldgear Long-Sleeve T, etc.)
  • Affiliate may not direct link to the Under Armour website, or use a URL redirect to take the user directly to the Under Armour website from a paid search ad.
  • Affiliate may not use Under Armour’s display URL in paid search listings, but they may use brand terms in the display URL subdomain or path.  For example, is permitted, however is not. 
  • Affiliate may not acquire, own, or bid on any domain names with the word UA, Armour, or Underarmour, including any misspellings of Armour or Underarmour in the URL (including but not limited to Armor or Underarmor). 
  • Affiliate may not engage in any form of cybersquatting, typosquatting, or forced clicks.
  • Affiliates are encouraged to contact with any questions as to whether the bidding on or use of a particular keyword or keyword phrase is in violation of this section.

"Google Shopping" Policy

All affiliates that agree to drive sales for Under Armour must adhere to the policy that we restrict participation and integration of the available product feed in "Google Shopping".

Voucher Policy & Under Armour Outlet

Under Armour is not a discount brand and it’s important that any affiliate messaging is consistent with this brand image.  Any affiliate that promotes Under Armour offers, promotions or outlet items must therefore adhere to the following criteria.

  • Affiliate may only display offers and promotional codes that are provided by Under Armour and created specifically for affiliate use.  Posting offers or promotional codes that are exclusive to other affiliates or that are used for non-affiliate marketing efforts is prohibited.
  • Affiliate must clearly display expiration dates and any restrictions or conditions applicable to an offer or promotional coder and must remove expired offers and promotional codes from its websites.
  • Affiliate may not use “click to reveal” functionality.
  • Affiliate may not promote Under Armour and then link to a third party’s website.

Also, unless an affiliate receives written authorization from Under Armour, the use of the following terms and phrases are prohibited when promoting Under Armour or Under Armour Outlet: £ off, % off, sale, savings, discount, clearance, markdown and closeout.  This includes, but is not limited to, promoting Under Armour or Under Armour Outlet through site content, email, PPC advertising, social media, or meta tags.

Additional Under Armour Outlet Terms

Affiliates are encouraged to promote the Under Armour Outlet collection, however, the inventory of Under Armour Outlet items is often limited and any affiliate promotional efforts that create high demand for a single product or a handful of products can lead to customer dissatisfaction if inventory is quickly depleted. Therefore, an affiliate must abide by the following terms:

  • Any affiliate promoting Under Armour Outlet product may not mass promote a single item or small collection of items without prior written approval from Under Armour.  This includes promotions across all channels including, but not limited to email and social media.

Email & Social Media Policy

Any email sent by an affiliate to promote Under Armour must be pre-approved by Under Armour in writing.  Also, an affiliate may not engage in spamming, unlawful mass emailing, or send any email in violation of CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (including any amendments or successor laws) and/or any other rules, laws or regulations that govern email marketing and advertising. 

An Affiliate may not promote Under Armour through paid or unpaid social media advertising without prior written approval from Under Armour.  Social media channels include, but are not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Pinterest.

Software Policy

Under Armour recognizes that technology available to affiliates is constantly changing. However, as a general rule, affiliates are not allowed to use software technology to promote Under Armour unless they receive written consent from Under Armour to do so.

Software technology can include, but is not limited to: desktop applications, toolbars, browser plug-ins, browser extensions, browser buttons, widgets, Facebook applications, blog extensions/plug-ins, mobile applications, videos and video players.  This definition also includes any software that pops up on the end user’s computer after the user has already arrived at the Under Armour website.  

Accordingly, all clicks to the Under Armour site must be from an affiliate link that a user must physically click. Forced cookies are not allowed.

Failure to notify the Under Armour team of the use of software technology is a violation of these terms and therefore may be grounds for immediate removal from the Under Armour program.   

Employee & Sponsored Athlete Orders

Orders placed by Under Armour employees or Under Armour sponsored athletes are not commissionable.