Introducing the new look O2 Mobiles programme, with all mobile products in one place. We’ve made it easier to promote for our affiliates by grouping all O2 mobile products (Mobile contracts, Sim only contracts and PAYG handsets) into one account

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Policy Definition Yes No Additional Information
What promotional types of publisher are allowed to work on your programme?
Discount CodeO2 have very few voucher codes available. No Toolbar affiliates
EmailCopy and creative must be approved by O2 before the email is sent out
SearchPlease make sure you adhere to the PPC brand terms
Behavioural Retargeting
Media Brokers
Are there any other restrictions that publishers need to consider? For example promoting adult content or age restricted products.No O2 promotions on gambling or similar sites. No O2 promotions on adult content websites. • No political sites • No sites with extreme or controversial content • No sites with unverifiable claims or ‘make money from home’ sites • No sites with poor quality content/design The O2 affiliate programme is for online sales only and door to door sales are not permitted through this channel